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The Best Packaging Solution for Just-In-Time Small Parts Manufacturers

This year has had its share of challenges for manufacturers of all kinds, but companies that offer just-in-time (JIT) custom small parts manufacturing have been hit particularly hard by supply chain and shipping delays and labor shortages. All on the heels of a worldwide pandemic that halted most production industries and shocked the hiring pool resulting in fewer qualified candidates.

The positive outcome of these challenges is an industry-wide reevaluated interest in creating productivities wherever they can be realized. Fast Radius recently released a study, Charting the Future of Custom Manufacturing, highlighting the reality that when supply chains falter, JIT pressures procurement because its success hinges on accurate demand forecasting.


The turbulence of the last three years has led many JIT parts manufacturers to rely on other ways of stabilizing production, including finding ways to make the sales cycles more accurate and predictable and working with reliable suppliers that add value rather than contribute to the chaos.


Many of these organizations turn to Pregis and its portfolio of ready-to-use, semi-automatic and automated packaging solutions. Designed first to protect each product, these solutions are also heavily relied upon by many of the world’s leading manufacturers to reduce downtime and increase output. Counting on that kind of service and support is critical to diminishing the impact of those uncertainties that can’t be controlled.


Working with Pregis means manufacturers have access to a complete catalog of small parts packaging solutions that can be modified to meet their goals. Cushioning, bagging, void fill, and surface protection are the main characteristics of the company’s product portfolio. Adding value for customers, its line of Pregis Sharp Bagging Solutions addresses additional manufacturing challenges like low throughput, too much setup time, and capacity limitations.


By streamlining the packaging and labeling process, Pregis’ machines boost productivity for small parts manufacturers as much as 61 percent. They can lower material costs by 33 percent by eliminating the need for labels, and the thoughtful design of the machines means they won’t take up a lot of floor space. Pregis Sharp poly bags are available in over a dozen types of materials, from transparent to opaque and water resistant to electrostatic discharge, so you’ll get the ideal fit.


And on that note, it may seem obvious, but right-size packaging is vital for small parts manufacturers. “Good things come in small packages” is not just a witty maxim. Successful manufacturers know that heavier, too large packages add to inefficiency and cost more to ship. We also know that consumers form impressions of a brand through its packaging - and seeing extra unnecessary materials is always the wrong look.


Being ready to make changes that improve operations is at the heart of every successful business model. Packaging is a constantly evolving field which offers tremendous innovation, so it is easier to find new ways to delight your customers while reducing your costs.


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