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Solvent & Rubber Adhesive-based Protective Films Engineered to Safeguard Your Critical Surfaces

Take a look around you. We are surrounded by surfaces that are manufactured with different finishes, and composed of a wide array of materials – from your car’s immaculate paint, to the stainless-steel refrigerator in your kitchen.

Before these items and materials ended up in your home, or parked in your garage, they started their journey from a manufacturing facility and then worked their way through a supply chain. That supply chain likely included various processes, shipping & transit, which ultimately subjected those items to potential scratches and marring. That aforementioned damage could mean unnecessary costs in the form of added labor, rework or replacement.

To avoid transport and handling damage, a wide breadth of temporary protective films are applied to protect those materials. And generally speaking, no two surfaces are the same, which means, a film’s material composition, gauge, length, width, adhesive formulation and tack vary significantly depending on the surface and application.

Pregis PolyMask is dedicated to producing a dynamic portfolio of temporary protective film solutions to cater to the needs of its customers – no matter the surface.

Earlier this year, the temporary films business invested in additional manufacturing capabilities through the strategic acquisition of Milan, Italy-based protective films producer, Soprad SRL. The acquisition completes Pregis PolyMask’s offering of temporary film solutions so it can better cater to its customers. In addition to water-acrylic-based film products, it can now supply its customers with essential solvent & rubber-based temporary protective films.

Pregis PolyMask’s new products are tailored to expertly protect a myriad of surfaces that range from metal & plastic, to glass & carpet. These surfaces largely can be found across various industries, such as: automotive, appliances, building & construction, & metals.

While many of these industries are at a standstill with the adverse effects of COVID-19, manufacturing facilities will soon come back to life in the coming months, And with that, the need for surface protection will remain a necessity, so automobiles can continue to roll off the line, vital building materials can arrive unscathed to construction sites, and new appliances can continue to furnish homes.

For additional info on Pregis’ standard offering of solvent & rubber-based temporary films, please reference our comprehensive brochure, and reach out to our experts.

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