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Product Spotlight: Pregis’ ChamberPak Express Auto Inflator

Using ChamberPak cushioning, the Express Auto Inflator drastically increases throughput and the speed at which a company can pack compatible products.

No matter the industry, companies are on a constant hunt for ways to optimize and increase efficiency — and this need has been pushed into overdrive by the rise in e-commerce. To keep up with demand, automation is a solution worth exploring to decrease labor costs, increase quality control, and improve overall production speed. 

Pregis has long been committed to automation efforts, and that continues with its new ChamberPak Express Auto Inflator, a game-changer that assists businesses with volume and throughput.

Designed for ChamberPak on-demand inflatable cushioning, the Automated Pulse Inflator drastically increases the throughput and speed of packing compatible products. Companies previously using ChamberPak could only inflate one cushion at a time — but now, they can now inflate up to 25 in under a minute.


Automation at Work

On its own, ChamberPak is a highly effective inflatable cushioning solution. By arriving deflated, ChamberPak saves space, reduces warehouse and handling costs, and increases shelf utilization at packing stations. Today, ChamberPak is used in numerous industries, from pharmaceuticals, bottle packs for wine and spirits, electronics, and more

But what about higher-volume items that require the most amount of cushioning possible and, as a result, more time spent packing? The ChamberPak Express Auto Inflator solves this problem — what once took much longer can now be done in under a minute. 25 ChamberPak cushions come uninflated on a rail that loads directly into the Express Auto Inflator. A packer can load a rail and auto-inflate all 25 cushions in under 1 minute, perfect for high-volume applications for products that require more in-the-box protection.


Cabinetry Problem-Solving

Consider the case of a kitchen cabinet and door manufacturer Pregis partnered with to increase throughput. The company had been using a fairly standard packing process, placing doors on die-cut corrugated inserts and using straps to secure them. One of the biggest problems was the company’s 10 percent damage rate on all shipments, equating to $1.7 million annually in damaged goods. Given they ship approximately 600,000 cabinet doors and drawers each year, that’s a hefty toll to swallow.

To develop a customized solution, Pregis evaluated the company’s packaging and shipping processes through comprehensive ISTA 3A testing at its IQ center. The result? To implement ChamberPak cushioning with 90-degree corner protection and the ChamberPak Automated Pulse Inflator to produce it. Once the company applied the system, they:

  • Reduced damages by 80 percent
  • Reduced pack time from 1 minute and 45 seconds to 43 seconds, a 60 percent decrease
  • Leveraged the benefits of automation, redeploying an employee from its packaging operation
  • Saved $1.36 million in under six months

 From start to finish, the process took less than half a year, drastically increasing the company’s efficiency and leaving them an established system to use far into the future.


Expanding Into Industrial Applications

When a luxury automobile manufacturer wanted an automated packing solution for its updated windscreen pack, it turned to Pregis for design assistance. The product needed to fit into two different box sizes, so the company sought solutions for proper packaging. In coordination with its third-party logistics provider, which manages many of its facilities, the automaker partnered with Pregis to find a best-fit solution. In its evaluation, Pregis:

  • Recommended ChamberPak for windscreen pack corner protection using the Express Auto Inflator for rapid production
  • Assisted with the schematics around bolting the machine to the tabletop, which was necessary due to weight constrictions and a need for the table it operates on to be secured in concrete

At the end of its collaboration with Pregis, the manufacturer gained a new solution, proving that the right tool for the job can make a world of difference.


Bulky Item Protection

There are certain items that require boxes that fit meticulously their shape — and as an extension, packaging to protect them in-box. With the ChamberPak Express Auto Inflator, companies that make items like TVs, refurbished electronics, or computer monitors — can optimize shipping with ChamberPak cushioning. Even better, ChamberPaks arrive ready to inflate in order to assist with packing that requires more innovative thinking.

The Express Auto Inflator takes just five seconds to load and run. This increase in throughput extends to inflation, as the machine fills ChamberPak cushions in two to five seconds. It can also be ordered in different sizes and modifications for companies to customize their operations. And because ChamberPaks can be pre-inflated for future use, businesses can save time during the packing process and fulfill more orders.

Plus, carton size is reduced in this process, providing the same amount of cushioning in a smaller space. Decreasing the number of steps in the packing process helps reduce warehouse, handling, and production line labor costs, creating a win-win scenario for companies looking for a boost in their packing productivity. 


Your ChamberPak Questions, Asked and Answered


What are the most common pain points that automating packaging can help solve?

Automation is extremely helpful when dealing with laborious packaging processes that aren’t easily replicated from one project to the next. Consistency is key when it comes to order fulfillment. Through automation, businesses can solve these issues, increase throughput, and reduce damages by ensuring proper packaging each and every time.

How does the Express Auto Inflator contribute to sustainability?
By reducing product damages, companies can save on reshipment costs, but more importantly, they can limit returns and curb their emissions that would otherwise result from this process. And because of its low profile cushioning, ChamberPak can reduce overall carton size. This creates more truck space, lowers shipping costs, and improves environmental footprint.

How can I integrate an Automated Pulse Inflator into my production facility?
Pregis is always available for a free packaging analysis to recommend a best-fit solution.

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