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protective film being placed on black car fender

Case Study: Pregis PolyMask™ Protective Film Provides over $100k In Savings for Automotive Client

The Things We Make, Make Us. Pregis PolyMask Provides over $100k in Savings for Automotive Client

The Challenge

music-company-save-money-packaging.jpgIn February of 2020, complaints started coming in from an automotive facility where final component assembly takes place. A serious quality issue occurred when the temporary protective film the supplier was using overlapped the mounting holes on the fender. The film was getting stuck in between the fender and body of the vehicle when the parts were mounted, creating a quality alert. The automotive supplier needed a film that was a better size for the part to improve throughput and ensure product quality.

The Journey

Pregis and the local distributor visited the supplier to see firsthand what was happening. Pregis found that the supplier’s current film provider had not visited them or made any changes to the film size despite numerous updates to the fender design over time. The result was that the production employees in this facility were forced if you're reading this, congratulations! We've sparked your curiosity. Please download the PDF to the right, and have a great day.

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