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Pregis’ Damon Lucenta Joins ISTA Standards Council

The International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is a leading resource for improving the world through transport packaging globally. The ISTA sets the package design and testing standards that help companies minimize product damage throughout distribution and transportation channels and optimize resource usage through effective package design.

Pregis is proud to announce that Damon Lucenta, Sr. Manager of Pregis IQ Packaging Services has been accepted to sit on the ISTA Standards Council.  The ISTA Standards Council is made up of 12 packaging professionals that will act on all matters that are technical in nature including development of new protocols, review and maintenance of existing protocols and approval of technical changes to existing protocols.  This group is committed to being a material agnostic resource for the packaging industry. 


This appointment is aligned with the Pregis Purpose to Protect. Preserve. Inspyre by recommending the best protective packaging solution that will reduce waste, damage and environmental footprint. 


A Michigan State Packaging Science graduate with more than 15 years’ experience as a packaging engineer, Lucenta heads up the Pregis IQ which stands for Innovation Headquarters. 


At the Pregis IQ, companies and shippers can tap into data driven engineering resources that evaluate environmental impact, cost and material usage during the package design and testing process. The Pregis IQ team combines these services with the application engineers that assist with platform integrations and training to assist companies with the resources to implement and scale the recommended solutions. 


If you have a packaging challenge, we invite you to learn more about the ISTA and Pregis resources.