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Pregis acquires Technical Machinery Solutions and affiliated companies

Pregis, a leading manufacturer of protective packaging, has acquired Technical Machinery Solutions (TMS), Elk Grove Village, Illinois from its privately-held owners. The acquisition also includes the Graphic Innovators business.

Most recently, the company has gained attention for the equipment it has engineered which is thought to be the first used to produce a lightweight, curbside recyclable all-paper mailer. Branded the TMS Eco Mailer™, these cushioned mailers provide great protection with circularity in mind and can be recycled in all-paper recovery systems.  As a result, they are the ideal solution for both consumers and brand owners seeking to meet environmental objectives.


For more than a decade, Pregis has brought to the marketplace a portfolio of products that address environmental concerns, as well as delivering the protective attributes critical for damage-free delivery of products to consumers. The acquisition of TMS will enable Pregis to add yet another product to its robust e-commerce product offering that supports sustainability.


“The primary drivers behind the acquisition are the people, technology, the growth outlook for sustainable solutions and satisfying the growing needs of e-commerce retailers.  Sustainability is a priority for companies today, including Pregis. Offering a curbside recyclable, sustainable solution is one more way we can help accomplish that. We see this investment as a catalyst for growth with existing and new customers, as well as future innovation,” said Kevin Baudhuin, president and chief executive officer, Pregis.


The acquisition is Pregis’ second under Warburg Pincus ownership.  Earlier in the year, Pregis acquired a protective films manufacturer based in Milan, Italy.


About Technical Machinery Solutions

Graphic Innovators was founded in 1991 a service provider specializing in engineering and remanufacturing of machinery and equipment. the company has been serving the graphic, packaging and other manufacturing sectors to build, optimize and restore equipment.  As a remanufacturer of used machinery, the company prevented thousands of tons of equipment in use and out of landfills. Driven by an environmentally-conscious mindset, the company formed Technical Machinery Solution to engineer a single-stream production line for the manufacture of lightweight, recyclable padded mailers. The curbside recyclable mailers save space, time and money, for some of the largest e-commerce retailers in the world. For more information: