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Omni-Channel Packaging Strategies 2018

Pregis' Ryan Germann will be presenting protective packaging impact on consumers' perception of product value during the upcoming omni-channel packaging strategies conference on Wednesday, October 3rd in Charlotte, NC.

In a groundbreaking joint study completed in 2018 by the University of Wisconsin and Pregis, the link between the amount customers expect to pay for a product and the packaging in which the product arrives is uncovered. As many companies struggle to quantify how the unboxing experience translates to their bottom line, there is now data to demonstrate its impact on consumers’ emotions, re-order rates, and amount they expect to pay. Traditionally, retailers focused on their primary packaging and perception of their product on store shelves but that’s changing with ecommerce as product interaction is now viewing online and unboxing in their homes. In addition, we will examine how the challenge to deliver a consistent and positive customer experience is exacerbated when fulfilling through multiple channels.

Learning Objectives

  • Unboxing phenomenon introduction
  • Shift from store shelves to consumers’ homes
  • Understand how protective packaging influences consumers price expectations
  • Challenges to seamless fulfillment across channels

If you’re planning to attend the ISTA conference, we welcome you to attend the session on Thursday from 4:30PM - 5:00 PM. The full agenda can be found here. We look forward to seeing you there!