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Meet Victory Foam: Our Partner In Customized Solutions

For over 30 years, Victory Foam has been a leader in the foam fabrication industry. Here’s why they’re one of our longest-lasting partnerships.

Based in Irvine, California, Victory Foam is a family-owned enterprise that brings over 30 years of experience to the foam fabrication industry, specializing in custom packaging inserts, tool control, FOD (foreign object damage) prevention, suspension and retention, and one of their newest innovations, the compression pack.


As a leader in foam packaging solutions, their custom case inserts are trusted to protect everything from hardware made by global tech companies, to drone components made by the U.S. military. In aviation, their tool control products allow maintenance workers to keep track of their equipment with medical industry-level precision, so that misplaced items don’t cause damage to engines and other airplane components. Constantly innovating, the company has also pioneered new, low-cost shipping solutions for customer returns, and proprietary innovations in the way products are protected by suspension and retention in packaging.


Since the company’s inception in 1982, Victory has been one of our most-trusted collaborators in fabricated foam for our customers. They currently design and cut custom solutions utilizing our Polyplank foam products. As one of our longest-running buyers, they share not only the fruits of our work together, but our values of family, loyalty, community, giving back, and sustainability. The company has a comprehensive recycling program that utilizes multiple machines to compact or bundle scrap material for use in manufacturing new material. They are also compliant in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and are Green Partner and Waste Reduction Certified. Embodying our core values to protect, preserve, and inspyre, we are proud to recognize Victory Foam as a Pregis Platinum Partner. 


Frank Comerford bought the company with his wife over 35 years ago, taking revenues from a humble $250,000 to over $60 million. Now, Victory boasts over 140 employees across the multi-state offices and operations and a roster of 14,500 projects a year.


"As one of our longest-running buyers, they share not only the fruits of our work together, but our values of family, loyalty, community, giving back, and sustainability."

“Pregis has been with us since the very beginning,” says Comerford. “There've been a lot of changes over the times, but we change with them”.


Computer hardware has evolved over the years, requiring less protection — and the technology, manufacturing processes, and customer expectations of the foam fabrication industry have changed just as much. Victory has driven innovation in foam protection for smaller electronics and drones alike.


So, as e-commerce proliferates the global market and brands seek new ways to shine outside of traditional retail space, Victory has led the way in developing colorful and premium foam protection solutions that elevate the unboxing experience. The company continually invests in new equipment and develops new revenue streams, too.


The three-state workshop boasts an impressive array of machinery that allows them to conduct operations like contour cutting, waterjet cutting, and die-cutting. They even have a fully automated CNC router (usually seen in metalworking), and robotic gluing machines that can assemble larger foam pieces together in record time.


“The reason that we developed across so many areas is to spread out our base,” explains Comerford. “If one area of the company is slowing down, another area is picking up.”


The nimble operations and pivoting over the years has helped the company thrive and grow into one of the largest in the industry. But it’s never distracted from Comerford’s true mission: loyalty to family and community.


“The first employee that we hired when my wife and I purchased the company still works here,” Comerford says proudly. “She said she won't retire until I do. Her daughter is in charge of our Irvine ISO quality center, and her son is a sales representative. Many of our employees are from multiple generations of families.”


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