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Enhancing Metal Protection: The Power of Pregis PolyMask® High-Performance Films

Metal surfaces, especially those that are coated and painted, play a pivotal role in various industries, such as overhead garage doors and roofing/building panels. Safeguarding these surfaces from damage is imperative to ensuring the quality of the final product – especially as we continue to navigate a precarious economy where many businesses cannot afford to lose customers.

Metal industries, in particular, pose a critical threat for product damages due to their complex supply chains. Manufacturing, transportation, and storage expose finished surfaces to scratching and abrasion.

To address these issues, Pregis PolyMask® offers a comprehensive portfolio of temporary protective films (strippable vinyl) engineered with quality adhesives that adhere to virtually any coated or painted surface.      

Solutions Designed for Your Unique Application

Metals are subject to extensive manufacturing, processing, and installation conditions depending on the market. PolyMask films coated with water adhesives are customized to protect during roll forming, sheeting, embossing, stamping, cutting, and stacking. In the instance of roofing and architectural panels, once components make their way to the job site for assembly, they become vulnerable to various environmental effects like heat and unforgiving sunlight. PolyMask’s advanced solutions can be designed with robust film structures and UV adhesive additives to combat those adverse effects.

The coatings and paint applied to these metals can vary greatly, as well. PolyMask adhesives offer a variety of performance attributes to ensure easy application and removal – from high gloss to natural matte substrates – with no ghosting or adhesive transfer.

Improve Operational Efficiencies and Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

PolyMask’s films can drastically reduce or even eliminate downtime caused by repairs or recoating from scratches and abrasion. Surface imperfections can additionally lead to significant financial losses. Replacing damaged parts, reworking products, or even dealing with customer dissatisfaction can quickly add up in terms of materials and labor expenses.

To take an important step towards building an even more successful business, engineers and operations teams can start by reviewing existing expenses incurred due to damages to their metal products within the supply chain. From there, it’s vital to partner with a films and coatings manufacturing that has a rich history of experience in key metals industries.

For more information on Pregis PolyMask’s protective film solutions for metals, click here. To reach a sales professional, visit our contact us page.