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Don't Get Crushed in the Chimney: Preparing for the Holiday E-commerce Rush

Thriving in peak season requires more than long hours — it takes a bold reimagining of your fulfillment operation.

Thriving in peak season requires more than long hours — it takes a bold reimagining of your fulfillment operation.

Shipping volume rose astronomically ahead of schedule this year, and peak parcel season is about to take it to the next level. Think about it: For the first time in decades, many families will not spend the holiday season together, leading to record numbers of virtual gift-giving. Packaging, shipping, and delivery are more important now than ever before.

Will the package arrive on time? Will it be damaged? Will it provide a memorable unboxing experience rivaling that of an in-person celebration?

Distribution centers have to answer these questions every year, but this season’s high volumes and impossible demands will undoubtedly create new and unprecedented challenges — and your operation will have to overcome them to be successful.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How to stock your distribution center with right-size boxes and packing materials
  • How to protect your deliveries from transit damage, weather, and mishandling by busy parcel workers
  • How to elevate unboxing into a memorable, in-person experience

Peak holiday season is usually the most profitable time for retailers, e-commerce brands, and distributors. That’s why it’s critically important to protect your bottom line from reshipping costs and loss of brand loyalty. This year’s high delivery volume has the power to magnify small mistakes.


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Protect from Damage

Mistakes can happen at any time during transit, but during the overwhelming demands of peak season, packages are more likely to be crushed by other boxes, or dropped by busy parcel workers. We specialize in solutions that ensure products are delivered intact, no matter what they come up against during transit.

Protect from Weather

The cold and wet elements of winter require extra care and attention during the busy shipping season. Airspeed HC Versa wrap can provide extra cushioning as well as keep moisture away from fragile merchandise.

Protect Holiday Memories

Transform your delivery unboxing into an experience on par with opening presents. Colorful Inspyre Paper products can be customized and branded to elevate your in-the-box cushioning to the same aesthetic level as gift wrap.

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