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Celebrating Jennifer Lawrence: A Trailblazer in Packaging

We are thrilled that Jennifer Lawrence, Pregis Vice President of Technology for New Product Development, has been featured in the inaugural issue of Women in Packaging, a publication by Packaging World. As we proudly reflect on her achievements and lasting impact, we can't help but admire her remarkable journey within the company.

Tom Wetsch, Pregis Chief Innovation Officer, expressed his deep admiration for Jennifer's accomplishments: "It's incredibly rewarding to hear that Jennifer has been recognized by Women in Packaging. With three decades of dedicated service to Pregis, she has consistently delivered outstanding results. Starting as a process engineer and rising through the ranks to her current position as Vice President of Technology, Jennifer is a true leader in both Pregis and the packaging industry."


Jennifer's contributions extend far beyond her leadership role at Pregis.  Her efforts in laying the groundwork for our successful portfolio of sustainable packaging products have been recognized and appreciated company wide.


Clint Smith, Senior Director of Sustainable Packaging, shared his excitement about Jennifer's recognition: "I am thrilled to see Jennifer acknowledged for her outstanding contributions to the packaging industry. Back in 2007, while collaborating on our sustainability taskforce, I witnessed her unwavering dedication and passion for building a sustainable product portfolio. Throughout her career at Pregis, she has played a pivotal role in shaping industry-demanded products and driving positive change. This recognition is truly well-deserved and a testament to her commitment to creating a more sustainable future."


To read more about Jennifer's inspiring journey, read the full article here. Join us in celebrating her accomplishments and the positive impact she continues to make in the world of packaging and sustainability. #PregisProud