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A healthier operation: Nutraceutical company triples production output, cuts material costs in half with a new packaging solution

A national nutraceutical distributor was experiencing multiple challenges, from pack efficiency and damage to environmental concerns. Learn how Pregis and their distributor partner turned challenge into opportunity with an innovative and sustainable packaging solution.

Case Study Preview


The company ships a significant percentage of its nutraceutical products direct to consumers (DTC). Its process was to take incoming cases of filled glass bottles, unload and individually wrap them in cohesive air cushioning, absorbant materials and hand taping. The bottles would then be placed in totes and inventoried until they were needed at the pack stations to fulfill orders. With this process, the packing rate was an unacceptable five bottles per minute.

In addition to being labor intensive, the company wanted to elevate their sustainability profile in practice and in the eyes of their consumers. Being a nutraceutical distributor dedicated to health and wellness products, the company prides itself on being environmentally responsible. With this in mind, the company wanted to explore paper-based alternatives to be more in line with its brand messaging.


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