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Case Study: Cold Chain Solution for Food Delivery

Pregis provides direct-to-consumer grocer with a recyclable, insulated shipping solution to keep food fresh & reduce its carbon footprint.

Case Study Preview

cold-chain-case-study-cover.pngCustomer Scenario:

A national direct-to-consumer grocer sells items for up to 30% less than major supermarket chains – while helping to reduce food waste. This innovative company sells grocery goods that may not meet the desired appearance standards of traditional grocery chains, but still offer complete freshness, nutrition and food safety. Instead of allowing that food to go to waste, the company saw value in not only “ugly” fruits and vegetables, but those that might represent excess inventory or packaging phase outs. To utilize the service, consumers simply sign up, choose groceries from a curated menu, then the company ships the order on a weekly basis.


The company was looking for... another manufacturer to supply an insulated packaging solution for home delivery. Initially, Pregis, and a key distributor partner, pitched the online grocer a similar product at a modest cost decrease. However, in the process, Pregis discovered that the company was looking for additional product benefits before making the packaging switch.


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