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Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company Makes Box-to-Automation Transition

Veterinary pharmaceutical company saves $225,000 in freight costs annually and reallocates 5 employees through box-to-automation transition.


Pregis & Foam Industries Case Study

A veterinary pharmaceutical provider faced cost and safety-related operational challenges stemming from the corrugated boxes they used to ship products. Box assembly was time consuming and strenuous on packers, with repeated motions leading to injuries. In addition, the freight cost from twice-weekly box deliveries was piling up. Pregis’ service-first approach helped the company make effective packing a reality through automation.



The company relied on corrugated boxes to ship various medications nationwide, which came with noticeable disadvantages. The boxes took up valuable warehouse space, even before assembly. To avoid space constraints, they shipped in two truckloads of custom boxes a week, amassing an annual freight bill of over $225,000.

The corrugated boxes also caused strain for employees – literally. To keep up with packing operations, box assembly  required all hands-on deck. Management even had to pull employees off the picking line, reducing operational efficiency. Additionally, the repetitive motion of box assembly caused hand strains and sprains, further impacting labor challenges and throughput.

The operations manager was eager to implement an automated solution but found a competitor’s trial unsatisfactory. Pregis was brought in to provide a frictionless solution that fit into the company's existing packing operation and make an immediate impact.


After assessing the existing concerns, a Pregis Specialist worked with the company's operations manager to install if you're reading this, congratulations! We've sparked your curiosity. Please download the PDF to the right, and have a great day.

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