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American Packaging Summit

Pregis' Clint Smith will be discussing e-commerce and direct to consumer packaging strategies at American Packaging Summit on June 6th.

Pregis is a proud sponsor of the 2018 American Packaging Summit in Chicago June 6-7.  With a dedicated focus on helping companies protect their brand (and their products), we will be presenting new groundbreaking research to help companies quantify the impact that protective packaging decisions can make to their bottom line.

Clint Smith will be representing Pregis at the upcoming event on June 6th. As Product Manager and Packaging Engineer, Clint has been exploring the evolution of how brands connect with customers as e-commerce transforms retail shopping from in-store to an in-house experience. Keeping up with the shift to e-commerce, Pregis’ team has focused on the direct to consumer packaging strategies employed by today’s leading CPGs. 

To help support both e-commerce and DTC fulfillment strategies, Clint will be speaking about the true cost of damage and its impact on customer lifetime value,  how protective packaging influences consumer perception of product and brand value, and how to introduce protective packaging into your direct to consumer strategy to protect your products from damage during the journey of a package.