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3 ways to reduce your damage claims rates

Here are a few strategies businesses can adopt to reduce the risk of a delivery taking a turn for the worse.

A single damaged shipment – even if it's just the box that took a beating and the product is fine – can erode a buyer's trust. For retailers to remain in their customers' good graces, it's essential they take every possible step to ensure their products arrive at their customers' homes, businesses or mailboxes in pristine condition.

Unfortunately, as many retailers know, this is easier said than done. However, there are a few strategies businesses can adopt to reduce the risk of a delivery taking a turn for the worse.

Here are a few tips to ensure a safe journey from distribution center to door step:

1. Choose the right packaging

It's important that retailers avoid the one-size-fits-all trap. Not all items are the same size, shape, weight or strength, and therefore, won't have the same packaging needs.

The box or mailer an item is shipped in shouldn't be too big; extra space allows the item to shift around, increasing the likelihood of breakage while also requiring excess void fill. On the other hand, a too-small box may not have enough room for the necessary protective packaging.

2. Use labels effectively

If an item is delicate, indicate this clearly on the outside of the box. Likewise, if an item needs to oriented in a specific way – such as when shipping a television – use arrows to indicate which end should be pointed up.

Proper labels can help the delivery process go more smoothly.Make sure your packages are labeled properly to reduce confusion.

The longer an item is on the road, the greater the chances it could be damaged. To avoid confusion that lengthens the shipment time, be sure your labels are in the right place and clearly indicate where the package is going. Further, be sure any irrelevant labels are removed or completely covered up, Inbound Logistics suggested.

3. Test before implementing a new packaging strategy

Doing your homework on a certain type of protective packaging is a good idea before investing in it. While this might involve doing some online research and speaking to company representatives about the strengths of their packaging materials, it's always smart to conduct a few tests with your specific inventory, Inbound Logistics explained.

Are you confident in your packaging strategy? Reach out to Pregis to evaluate whether a change may benefit your company.