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Demo Days: October 14th & 15th 

See our on-demand air machines run and ask questions to our top field sales specialists.


What to expect: 

check-circle.png Virtually experience how systems work

check-circle.png See optimized pack station layouts 

check-circle.png Understand what sets Pregis apart

check-circle.png Learn how to overcome the most common objections

check-circle.png Hear true stories from our Pregis Specialists

Select a day/time below to register: 

October 14th

October 15th

8:00am CST 8:00am CST
9:00am CST 9:00am CST
10:00am CST 10:00am CST
11:00am CST 11:00am CST
12:00pm CST 12:00pm CST
1:00pm CST 1:00pm CST
2:00pm CST 2:00pm CST
3:00pm CST 3:00pm CST
4:00pm CST  


Spaces are limited! Register TODAY!


Can't attend? Get in touch to arrange an appointment.