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What is Pregis EverTec™?


A Sustainable Packaging Revolution.

We knew it could be done. With just the right technology, we could offer eco-conscious consumers a durable, cost-competitive way to replace unnecessary boxes while still protecting their precious merchandise. That’s why we’re proud to offer the curbside recyclable Pregis EverTec™ padded mailer. Now you can save money and, oh yeah, the planet when confidently clicking “add to cart.” By receiving your next e-commerce purchase in the EverTec mailer and recycling it, you’re doing your part.



Slam dunk your EverTec mailer into the recycling bin

Sustainability means:

…making it easier for consumers to recycle
…making it easier for recyclers to process and repurpose the material
…using less material to occupy less space on delivery trucks & in recycling bins
…protecting merchandise so it only ships once, eliminating wasteful reships and damaged product entering landfills

The EverTec mailer does just that. We took out all the guesswork – simply place the mailer in your curbside single-stream recycling bin.

Due to EverTec’s recyclability, How2Recycle® issued a Widely Recyclable label.



Why We Care

Our Purpose is to Protect, Preserve and Inspyre. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s our mantra and our mission.
At Pregis, we strive every day to protect our planet by reducing product damage, and we protect customer relationships by providing a quality unboxing experience.

We preserve natural resources and the environment through innovation. We keep redesigning and reengineering products and processes to get more efficient. And we never stop because we can always improve – lighter weight, less material, better collection, smarter re-use.

And people are the “y” in Inspyre. We inspyre people to do good for the world through education, advocacy, and professional and personal development. We leverage global partnerships to multiply our impact, while making more opportunities available for individuals to contribute to the greater good.




Promise_L.pngLearn how Pregis makes an impact:

Due to EverTec’s recyclability, How2Recycle® issued a Widely Recyclable label. To learn more about the mailer, CLICK HERE.