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Sharp Packaging by Pregis Streamlines eCommerce Fulfillment

Are you facing limited packaging and labeling capacity, low productivity, and high costs?

Sharp’s integrated equipment bags and labels in seconds, keeping you running efficiently and helping you grow. Save time, resources, space, and aggravation.

eCommerce Solutions

Sharp Packaging by Pregis manufactures easily customizable products that integrate filling, sealing, and label printing processes into one machine. From semi-automatic machines to fully automated solutions, Sharp Packaging by Pregis reduces downtime while offering a wide range of bag options to accommodate a variety of mail order fulfillment needs.

Amazing Results

Our complete bagging system streamlines the process, bagging, sealing and labeling in mere seconds, increasing production efficiency by 3.5 times. 

More time is saved on employee training, too

Training new staff on a Sharp Packaging machine only takes about a week, a third of
the time other mailing systems require, increasing uptime while reducing labor costs. In addition to doing more with one machine, reducing the number of work stations needed, our mailing systems have as small a footprint as hand load stations, saving space, something that’s especially important for eCommerce firms operating with smaller footprints.

Customized bags
Best of all, Sharp Packaging by Pregis systems offer full color on bag printing and a variety of bag materials to customize your shipments.

Custom Solutions

Our engineers are well trained in helping customize complex eCommerce operations with any additional conveyors and infeed mechanisms they may need.

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Bagging Machines

Built to deliver ultimate efficiency, maximum throughput, and rapid turnarounds, Sharp Packaging by Pregis offers an extensive selection of automatic and semi-automatic bagging machines that open, fill, and seal bags from 2" to 24" wide and 4" to 40" long. Our MAX line features continuous bagging rolls for peak performance, while the more compact SX option is ideal for smaller orders, helping eCommerce outlets adapt to multiple assignments. Additionally, with our available thermal printer options, the expense of adhesive labels can be eliminated.

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Poly Bags

With over a dozen bag options, including translucent low density general purpose bags, opaque high density mailers, metalized barrier film for ultimate moisture protection, and corrosion inhibiting film for ferrous metals, Sharp Packaging by Pregis always has the right fit.