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Parcel Forum 2018

Pregis' Ryan Germann will be discussing the top 10 surcharges to avoid during the 2018 Parcel Forum on September 25th.

Today, many companies are struggling to control shipping costs. A significant portion of those costs now come in the form of surcharges. As negotiation with carriers to remove or reduce these charges has become increasingly difficult, there is now a shift to develop solutions internally which reduce the impact of surcharges. In this session, you will hear descriptions of common parcel surcharges from a former FedEx employee as well as explore opportunities to mitigate the impact of these surcharges through updating things such as fulfillment strategy and parcel packaging.

• Common surcharges introduction
• Which surcharges can/cannot be negotiated with carriers
• Opportunities to avoid/reduce surcharges


If you’re planning to attend Parcel Forum, we welcome you to attend the session on Wednesday from 10:00am-10: 50 AM. We look forward to seeing you there!