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Packaging Impacts Consumer's Perception of Product Value by 45%

New groundbreaking research reveals how parcel packaging is influencing consumers perception of product value. In a world where the shopper's experience is now shifting from physical stores to digital, the unboxing experience in consumers’ homes is transforming packaging into the new merchandiser.

The study was conducted jointly by Pregis and University of Wisconsin professor of marketing, Page Moreau, to better understand how the unboxing experience influences perception of value when the exact same product was packaged in premium and economy packaging.  The results were compelling. 

The white paper reveals data on the:

  • Influence of packaging on perceived product value as measured by expected retail price and willingness to gift
  • Emotional variance between the unboxing experience
  • Link between packaging and brand perception
  • Opportunity to increase your ROI by upgrading to premium packaging 

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