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In transit or on the production floor, we solve your toughest business challenges with our innovative packaging and protective solutions. We’ve got everything you need to create customers for life.

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Our Products & Systems

Keep your goods safe and secure during transit with Pregis. Our full complement of air, paper and foam inside-the-box packaging solutions protect against damage during the journey of a package.

Think Inside the Box

Protect your critical surfaces, edge and parts from the manufacturing, production or shipping environments they face. Prevent scratching, marring and abrasion with Pregis’ complete line of temporary protection films and materials.

Protection on Contact

Replace the box with a mailer or bag that contains goods through the shipping cycle and minimizes parcel costs. Our options range from ready to use shippers to scalable automated mailing and bagging systems.

Get Ready to Ship

Solutions designed to protect the common to the uncommon. We cater to the unique and distinctive application needs across many diverse industries.

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Always Innovating. Always Protecting.

We take pride in all aspects of our business to better protect yours. Our passion for perfection goes into each protective solution so we can bring joy to life’s everyday experiences.

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Innovation through leadership

Bright Ideas in DIM Weight: Three Ways to Right-Size Parcels

For many businesses, the phrase “good things come in small packages” has taken on a new meaning. That’s because today, even though a package might weigh very little, its dimensional weight, or DIM, can significantly impact shipping costs. The solution for parcel carriers was to begin charging customers for whichever was higher, the package’s actual weight or its DIM weight, or volumetric weight.

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Parcel Forum 2018

Pregis' Ryan Germann will be discussing the top 10 surcharges to avoid during the 2018 Parcel Forum on September 25th.

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Pregis invests $10 million-plus in its Sharp Packaging Systems operation

Pregis LLC has invested more than $10 million in manufacturing upgrades which include a blown film line and enhanced printing capabilities in its Sharp® Packaging flexible packaging operation in Sussex, Wisconsin.

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Drivers Wanted: Shortage of Trucking Capacity Fueling Surge in Freight Shipping Costs

The next time a manager at a warehouse or distribution center meets a truck driver nearing retirement, he should roll out the red carpet. Showing some special treatment might be one way to keep these guys on the road for a few extra years.

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Beyond the Box: How Alternative Packaging Helps Retailers and Distributors Save Time and Money

Looking beyond the traditional corrugated box, retailers and distributors are maximizing productivity and efficiency, using less material, and cutting down on costs by utilizing packaging materials – including poly bagging, cohesive packaging and shipping mailers – that work better with the variety of products they ship.

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Smarter Sustainability: How to Encourage Consumers to Recycle Packaging the Right Way

Give the “aspirational recycler” some credit – at least his heart is in the right place. He’s the guy who believes a product should be recyclable, even though it’s not on the approved list in his community. He tosses it into the recycling bin, hoping that the processing center will figure it out. His concern for the environment is commendable, but this effort at waste reduction comes at a considerable price: time-consuming, costly resorting processes at the recycling center.

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Seeing Is Believing: Virtual Reality Training Is Good for Employees and Good for Business

A growing list of high-profile brands and industries are embracing virtual reality to make training programs more engaging, effective and consistent.

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Protecting Fingerprint-Resistant Surfaces: Why Non-Traditional Surfaces Require Non-Traditional Protective Films

The crisp, modern look of stainless steel remains in high demand. In response, manufacturers are increasingly turning to fingerprint-resistant coatings that make appliances easier to keep clean and provide several other benefits, including glare reduction and a sleek look featuring colored tints, such as black stainless steel with a matte finish. The mystery of whose fingerprints smudged up the refrigerator door is hardly a complicated “who done it?” Everyone in the home is guilty as charged.

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Putting a Dent in Profitability: The Real Impact of Ineffective Packaging and Damaged Products

If packages could talk, they would tell us frightening tales about life on the road. But since they can’t, a simple YouTube search speaks on their behalf about the many ways deliveries can go wrong. For online retailers, videos showcasing disappointed customers unboxing damaged goods don’t just hurt to watch, they hurt the bottom line.

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Pregis intros new surface protection film for fingerprint-resistant appliance finishes, other easily-damaged surfaces

Pregis LLC, a leading manufacturer of innovative protective packaging materials, is introducing a cost-effective, temporary surface protection film specifically-designed for new generation, fingerprint-resistant or specialty-coated products.

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Unboxing Expectations

The excitement of opening a parcel package is so powerful and universally shared that unboxing channels devoted solely to that experience consistently rank among the most popular on YouTube, with some posts racking up hundreds of millions of views. Even when customers know the contents of a package they’ve just received, the giddy sense of anticipation they feel when unboxing it can provide a rush like pulling the lever of a slot machine or scratching off a lottery ticket. Their order has finally arrived, and they can’t wait to have a look at it.

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Research Reveals Premium Packaging Increases Perceived Value | Knowledge by Pregis

New groundbreaking research reveals how parcel packaging is influencing consumers perception of product value. In a world where the shopper's experience is now shifting from physical stores to digital, the unboxing experience in consumers’ homes is transforming packaging into the new merchandiser.

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