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Penguin Pack Foil Bubble Pouches & Rolls

Penguin Pack foil bubble pouches and rolls are a very popular solution for controlling temperature when shipping food and other perishable items. It is simply, a better way to deliver freshness.

Product Details

Metalized film or foil combined with durable, lightweight bubble cushioning. The combination provides protection and thermal properties that stand up to a variety of environmental conditions.

  • Extends the freshness of perishable food items by reflecting 97% of all radiant heat that tries to penetrate the foil barrier
  • Reflective properties act as a barrier to heat. Provides high level of light, solar radiation and UV protection
  • Maintains desired temperature to support shelf-life goals
  • Minimizes the need for costly rush delivery methods
  • Cushioning properties prevent damage or movement during shipment
  • Made from FDA compliant materials for indirect food contact

Available in a wide range of custom and standard sizes including 3Dbox liners, gusseted pouches, flat pack pouches and several roll sizes. Pouches are available with and without self-seal closure.

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