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Poly Bags

It's a tall order, to lower your labor costs, inventory, material and operating expenses. Our team of packaging experts can assist in doing just that, all by recommending films, features, improved function, and raising the efficiency and quality of your packaging application. From film extrusion, to printing and converting, we are able to manage your bag order from start to finish, all completely in-house. Ask us about special co-extruded film for your packaging needs. By placing blanket orders with Sharp, we take the headache out of inventory costs. Let our representatives monitor your usage and release dates, so you don't have to. The right film, gauge and features, guarantees top packaging performance. Sharp extrudes our own films using the highest grade resins available. Using high grade resin provides construction consistency and high quality bags, order after order. Special features available include hang holes for retail display, vent holes or skip seals for air evacuation, and vertical or horizontal perforations for E-Z opening.

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