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EP-Flex Elite Air Pillows

Pregis is committed to offering the highest quality protective packaging while minimizing environmental impact. That's why we leveraged multi-layer film technology to develop EP-Flex Elite, a higher quality air pillow using significantly less virgin plastics. Elite’s composition delivers superior seal strength with 50% more puncture resistance to ensure products are protected through the ship cycle. This stronger, lighter film blend is more environmentally friendly, reduces freight and warehousing costs and EP-Flex Elite rolls are more ergonomic, making loading easier for packers.

Stronger, Lighter, Better!

EP-Flex Elite leverages multi-layer film technology to create a stronger, lighter and environmentally better air pillow.

  • 50% improved puncture resistance
  • Stronger seals for longer life cycle and more reliability
  • Lighter weight rolls easier to handle and load
  • Longer length roll options reduce changeover
  • Reduces valuable warehouse space
Better for the Environment
  • Multilayer technology creates stronger film using less virgin plastics
  • Superior carbon footprint
  • How2Recycle labels simplify and encourage recycling
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