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HC Inflatable Cushioning

This high quality hybrid cushioning gives customers a premium unboxing experience they're not soon to forget. The proprietary square pattern looks amazing and keeps items from "bottoming-out" inside the box to prevent damage. Made from low density polyethylene, hybrid cushioning delivers unrivaled protection, great clarity and space savings as one roll of HC is the equivalent of almost one-and-a-half truckloads of bubble!

Product Details

HC Performance Plus: Barrier film offering the highest air retention properties for heavy loads that require extended storage and shipping cycles

HC Performance: Barrier film designed for light weight shipments that require extended storage and shipping cycles

HC-Flex: High performance film. Quality, easy-to-tear perforation allows for quicker packing time. No loss of cushioning area due to perforation positioning.

HC-Flex Renew: Same high performance as standard HC Flex film

Standard Film: Excellent puncture resistance and seal strength.  Transparent, clean and neat. Recyclable at store drop off locations in most municipalities.

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