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Non-Scratch Film

Our non-scratch film contains little to no anti-block additives making this film ideal for packaging products which are sensitive to scratching and abrasion. The embossed surface provides a tough yet "non-abrasive" inner surface.


  • Eyewear
  • Jewelry
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Any application where products are sensitive to scratching

Available Gauges: 2.0 mil.

Special Features:

  • Reduces costly product returns
  • Highly durable and flexible

Technical Specifications:

  • Press Printing: Yes
  • Imprinting: Yes
  • Configuration: EZ® Bag
Blown Film Properties Nominal Values Test Methods (ASTM)
Tensile Strength MD 3500 psi D-822
Tensile Strength TD 2500 psi D-822
Elongation MD 450% D-822
Elongation TD 650% D-822
Tear Propagation MD 150 gm D-1922
Tear Propagation TD 300 gm D-1922
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