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Gamma Patient Poly Bags

Gamma patient poly bags from Sharp Packaging are engineered specifically for gamma irradiation sterilization methods. The bag material is designed to be penetrated by gamma, allowing you to sterilize your product through the packaging, speeding up the manufacturing and distribution process.

What is gamma irradiation?

Gamma irradiation uses Cobalt 60 radiation to kill a wide range of microorganisms that can occur on a variety of materials and products. The decay of Cobalt 60 produces high energy photons that are directed at your product or material to decontaminate it. What makes gamma irradiation such a valuable method of sterilization is its ability to penetrate dense materials and their packaging. This method allows finished products in their final packaging to be sterilized safely and effectively.

Which industries use gamma irradiation?

The gamma irradiation process can treat a wide variety of products composed of many different types of materials, regardless of their shapes, orientations, or densities. This ability makes this method of sterilization ideal for nearly any product that requires decontamination, including:

  • Syringes
  • Surgical gloves
  • Implants and Catheters
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biological products
  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • Horticultural supplies
  • Animal retail products

Gamma irradiation packaging materials

Sharp designs bags specifically for products that require Gamma irradiation. They are engineered to allow the radiation to pass through them, as well as to work with most commercial gamma irradiators. Additionally, like all of our poly bags, Sharp Gamma Patient bags can be integrated seamlessly with our bagging machines, which scan, pack, seal, and print labels directly onto them, speeding up the entire process, from packaging to sorting and shipping.

Available Gauges: 3.0 mil.

Special Features

  • Transverse tear for easy opening with no perforations required
  • Provides fast turnaround, ease of penetration of packaging and product
  • Microbial reduction on consumer products

Technical Specifications:

  • Press Printing: Yes
  • Imprinting: Yes
  • Configuration: EZ® Bag

Blown Film Properties

Nominal Values

Test Methods (ASTM)

Tensile Strength MD

1646 psi


Tensile Strength TD

1798 psi


Elongation MD



Elongation TD



Tear Resistance MD

617 gm


Tear Resistance TD

708 gm


Other Properties



Dart Impact

303 gm

D-1709 (A)




Luminous Transmittance




276 cc/ (100in2* day)



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