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Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Sharp's Thermal Transfer Ribbons allow for high quality, high-speed printing with less buildup and cleaning than alternative printing solutions. And because thermal transfer printing goes directly onto the bag there's no need for paper labels, making recycling much easier for consumers.

Less build-up—Print heads last longer, require less frequent cleaning

Print at higher speeds—Excellent print quality with no voids, and no static buildup

Clear printing, high resolution - Sharp ribbons deliver consistent high-grade resolution and clear printing. Our ribbons allow you to print superior images when printing at high speeds without voids.

Prevent buildup - With the most advanced back coating on the market, Sharp ribbons are designed to prevent buildup and prolong print head life.  From plain wax to wax resin combinations, all Sharp ribbons have been engineered for a wide range of applications.

Prevent static - One of the primary causes of poor print quality is static. Sharp Packaging relies on specially formulated ribbons to dissipate static and eliminate printing voids. Costly errors occur when barcodes are not printed correctly.

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Available ribbons and recommended applications

Resin enhanced wax— Labels for blood bags, Drums, Horticulture, Ingredients, Machinery parts, Pharmaceuticals, Polybags, Retail tags, Shelves, Shipping, Warnings, and General ticketing 

Wax/resin— Labels for Blood bags, Chemical drums, Color for size, Horticulture, Inventory tracking, Lumber, Machinery parts, Point-of Purchase, Shelves, Shipping, Storage, Warnings, and Direct package printing.

Resin— Plastic bags, Labels for Automotive, Chemical drums, Compliance, Components, Electronics, Shelves, Tamper-evident, Warnings, Water heaters, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Shipping, Consumer goods, Healthcare, ID cards, Inventory management, Jewelry tags, and Steel tags.

Near edge— Recommended for Direct package printing, General ticketing, Ingredient labels

All purpose color wax ribbons— Color applications, like Plastic bags, Ingredient labels, Material ID tags, Retail tags, Shipping labels, Size sticker labels