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Sharp’s T7 soft-goods bagging system makes sorting and bagging laundered towels simple, efficient and cost-effective. This system reduces labor costs by enabling operators to process up to 10,000 towels per hour. Customers typically show an ROI between 4-8 months.

Product Details

The T7 is a modular system can be configured to fit your current needs with the ability to scale for growth. The baggers can accommodate vented poly bags 4”x4.5” to 20”x32” to meet any job requirement.


Enhanced User Interface and Experience

  • Intuitive 10.5" color touch screen simplifies operator log-in and productivity tracking
  • Split-screen dashboard shoes each operators’ production rates
  • Job recall feature makes job setup an efficient, effortless task
  • Network integration out of box

Ergonomic Options Reduce Operator Fatigue

  • Adjustable foot rest, padded waist rest, height-adjustable operator stand, soft-step mat

Improved Design and Functionality

  • Baggers are track-mounted to allow quick loading and maintenance
  • Pivoting pinch roller assembly with industrial bag guide fingers
  • Accumulation funnel optimizes throughput by collecting rags as machine cycles
  • Dual air wands eliminate lint build-up

More Versatile

  • Standard heavy-duty in-feed hopper and conveyor (high or low in-feed available)
  • Adjustable height on exit conveyor (65" is standard)
  • Scrap chute option available for ease of inspection
Soft Goods Bagging/ T7 PROLINE


T7 Proline Features

  1. EZ-Thread Unwind for hassle-free changeovers
  2. Bagger head rotation allows for easy cleaning and maintenance
  3. New unwind design prevents static build-up
  4. Easy access centralized control cabinet with lint control system
  5. Palm button to advance industrial hopper conveyor
  6. Reliable retro-reflective eye for accurate bag detection
  7. Second bagger position—plug and play installation
  8. Optional scrap chute
  9. Precise PLC temperature controller
  10. Advanced jaw-obstruction detection
  11. Improved stepper motor control on shaker assembly
  12. Heavy-duty box tray with auto-alignment
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