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Sharp Packaging Systems by Pregis

Sharp bagging systems offer groundbreaking, flexible packaging solutions with the same high-quality and care that Pregis customers have come to expect. Our durable and customizable machines are designed to withstand and adapt to every challenge in the shipping landscape.


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The new MAX-PRO 24 Bagger can accommodate bags up to 36" long and 24" wide. With a 12" pass-through this system can take larger products - up to 10lbs! Check out the technology innovations like HMI adjustable pass-through and remote reporting.

Overcome Disruptions With World-Class Automation

Automated bagging increases throughput by 4 times the speed of manual packing, and delivers consistency in an inconsistent labor market.

Sharp systems are recognized as the most durable machines in the market, matched only by Pregis’ signature customer support and responsive service team.

Predictive maintenance by Maxwell prevents unexpected downtime so fulfillment is never delayed.

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Scale to Record Demand

Expand fulfillment capacity in record time to keep up with endless peak and historic shipping volumes, without hiring and training new employees.

Use Maxwell technology to track KPIs and continually refine packing processes for faster, more accurate shipments.

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Automated poly bag custom integration solution.

Lower Costs — For Shipping & the Planet

Sharp Polybags bypass the rising prices of cardboard and DIM weight surcharges for more cost-effective shipping.

Bags made of recycled content reduce waste and carbon emissions for less impact on the environment.

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Customize Systems For Current & Future Needs

Sharp machines integrate seamlessly with your existing WMS, or lay the groundwork for a cutting-edge, smart fulfillment operation.

Pregis goes above and beyond in custom bag design so end users can deliver a ‘wow’ experience to their customers.

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Sharp Solutions For Every Industry


Rapidly scale throughput and meet growing demand, while tracking performance in real-time.

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Injection Molding

Ship injection molded components in protective packaging as flexible and durable as your products.

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Send wellness products safely to customers with Pregis’ holistic packaging solutions.

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Deliver eye-catching, branded packages with customized art, and minimal DIM weight.

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Deliver nuts, bolts, and other small parts crucial for automotive, aerospace, electronics, and manufacturing.

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Keep life-saving medication and supply deliveries on time without overextending or overspending on labor.

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