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Blown Film Extrusion



The science and art to producing high quality, blown film 

We have invested in the most advanced extrusion equipment, with precision controls, to ensure we can offer customers the highest quality films on the market today.  With the ability to produce monolayer and multi-layer coextruded films using a wide range of resins and additives creates, the combinations seem endless. Visit our facility to see the beauty behind the art that is Pregis Films.

Extrusion Capabilities

  • Monolayer
  • 3-layer
  • 5-layer
  • Automatic Gauge Control
  • Gravimetric Blending
  • Gauge 0.75-18.0 mil
  • Finished Roll Widths: 11 - 86"
  • Roll OD: Up to 45" Width
  • 3" or 6" Cores
  • Scrap Reprocessing
  • 2-Side Treat Abilities 
  • Toll Extrusion 


  • Low- to high-density polyethylene
  • Linear low-density polyethylene
  • Metallocene/plastomers
  • EVA/EMA: low to high percentages
  • Polypropylene
  • Specialty


  • Slip
  • Anti-block
  • UV inhibitors
  • Fire retardant
  • Anti-stat/anti-fog
  • Custom colorants

High-quality films:

  • Collation shrink films
  • Lamination sealant web stock
  • Dry goods bag-in-box structures
  • Unsupported, flexible packaging films
  • Pouches and lidding structures
  • Coating grade films
  • Print grade film for tags and labels
  • Release liner grades
  • Heat lamination/bonding
  • Custom applications

Why Choose Pregis? 

We are here to tailor our films & services to your specific needs: 

  • JIT delivery
  • Flexible lead times 
  • Convenient stocking programs 
  • Customizable COD ranges 
  • Variable heat seal initiation temperatures 
  • Optimal dyne levels for printing & laminating 
  • Consistent roll quality (clarity, surface & flatness)
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