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New to Sales at Pregis?


Here's what you can expect:

Once you are a Pregis team mate, your 14 week onboarding regimen can begin.

It will prepare you to:

  • Embrace the Pregis culture and the global organization you joined
  • Get to know your most valuable resources:  Who and how to navigate the organization
  • Get up to speed quickly so you can: increase product knowledge, master go to market strategies, maximize revenue and customer retention activities

The established sales onboarding process provides a structured yet flexible learning path, so you know what to do and the recommended timing. The training will include a combination of self study, online and classroom learning experiences. 

In addition to the Pregis training that encompasses a blend of product, application and customer education, you will also go through the Carew Dimensions of Professional Selling coursework. Pregis invests in your training to make sure you are well equipped for your current job and prepares you for a long term career.




Keys to Success

Building blocks:  Delivered in training blocks that build upon one another, the education builds upon itself so you get the right information at the right interval in your on boarding

Hands on training:  At approximately weeks 3, 6, 12 you will travel to the Pregis Innovation Headquarters (IQ) in the suburbs of Chicago to meet team mates and get hands on with the product and applications. This helps to bring the online and self study lessons to life.

Pregis professional checkpoints:  Practice makes perfect and checkpoints offer opportunities for targeted coaching and development.


At Pregis, we are not just in the packaging business, but in the WOW business.


As an employer, we want our new hires to be wow’d as they join the incredible culture made up of difference makers. By investing in your professional success, we know that we are doing what is best for our people and the customers you will serve as a Pregis brand ambassador. 

Welcome to a progressive, growth oriented company that is built on integrity, innovation, collaboration and customer focus!


The Definition of Pregis Culture