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Staying Healthy & Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions

Pregis takes the health and safety of all employees and customers to heart. We have and will continue to closely monitor the latest developments related to COVID-19.  In cooperation with local health authorities and the information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we are taking action to minimize the risk of impact on our employees and maintain continuity across our businesses that supply so many items critical to economic health. 

As a crucial part of the supply chain providing essential goods and products needed by communities around the world to sustain everyday life, Pregis will continue to operate the business through this pandemic crisis.  

Continue to visit this site for updates as we continually monitor the situation. 


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: 

What is Pregis’ philosophy on the COVID vaccine for employees?

Pregis strongly encourages our employees to get vaccinated when possible to increase the health and safety of all. To locate information about local vaccination options, please visit the CDC web site for details.

Is Pregis an "essential business"?

In light of the quickly evolving COVID-19 situation, we wanted to provide an update confirming that Pregis is an essential business and will continue to operate and serve our customers.

Essential businesses are those that are a crucial part of the supply chain providing essential goods and products needed by communities around the world to sustain everyday life.

Pregis is an essential business in many ways – we supply a variety of industries the goods necessary for critical products to be made and shipped across the country.  We are honored to be able to serve our communities and help essential goods move without delay.

The US Department of Homeland Security published a helpful guide to understanding which businesses and workforce has been deemed essential. 

Does Pregis anticipate any supply interruptions?

At this time, all Pregis facilities are still operating and maintaining consistent supply to our customers. 

We do not anticipate any interruption in supply of raw materials, production or distribution of our products.  We are building inventory and activating workforce plans to maintain consistent supply to our customers.  

Pregis operates multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities in North America and Europe. Our teams are prepared to implement a strategy to redeploy inventory and manufacturing capacity to minimize disruption to our customers.  As a national and international supplier, we have supply chain processes and protocols in place to manage through emergency situations.

How is Pregis preparing for coronavirus?

We have mobilized a task force that is focused on developing best practices and prepared to shift inventory and manufacturing capacity to different locations so that disruption to our customers is minimized. The task force is in constant contact with all sites to assess and react to this evolving situation. Our main objectives are employee wellbeing and business continuity.  

Our manufacturing operations are working to build inventory to maintain supply.  We are in continuous communication with our suppliers and logistics partners to maintain the flow of materials to our plants and delivery to customers.  We are working to make sure our employees and suppliers are able to stay healthy and come to work to perform the production and service activiites to support our customers through this period of crisis. 

What best practices is Pregis putting in place for employees?

We are asking that employees continue to take precautions to remain healthy. This includes good hygiene habits such as washing their hands regularly, covering their mouth and nose when they sneeze or cough, avoiding touching their eyes, nose and mouth, etc. 

Most recently, Pregis implemented policies in accordance with the recommendations of the CDC, local and governement agencies.  These include but are not limited to: 

  • Enforcing stringent protocols for any employee that has been in proximity of the virus or displays symptoms
  • Eliminating all non-essential travel among our teams and leveraging remote meeting /collaboration technology as much as possible
  • Expanding the deep cleaning and sanitation efforts at every facility
  • Practicing social distancing and avoiding crowded areas 
  • Supplying ample personal protective equipment to production and service employees 
  • Activating remote work scenarios when possible to maintain a healthy work environment while not impacting production output  
  • Restricting access to all Pregis facilities to production employees and critical vendor deliveries. All visitors must complete a thorough questionaire before they are admitted into a Pregis facility

International travel (from the U.S. to other countries) is restricted and travel within Europe is on an as-needed basis. 

Will Pregis continue to provide equipment service while under travel restrictions?

Maintaining the productivity of our equipment and our customers is a top priority.  We encourage customers to call the service hotline for immediate troubleshooting.

For protective packaging equipment service: +1866-904-6970  

For automated cohesive & bagging equipment service: +1800-634-6359 x 1572

We have asked our service technicians to make every effort to resolve maintenance issues over the phone or facetime before visiting a facility. Preventative maintenance calls that can be delayed without sacrificing equipment performance will be rescheduled for a future time.  

If on site service is required, our teams have been instructed to practice safe hygiene including:

  • Contact the site prior to the visit to learn about visitor protocols and inquire about the safety of the facility
  • Hand washing before and after maintenance work. Use of disposable gloves and masks while working on equipment
  • Wiping down all equipment before and after service call with disinfecting wipes 
  • Wiping down all tools and vehicles before and after a service visit 
  • Practicing social distance to minimize physical contact with other people which may also include working in secluded areas or off hours, when possible 

It is our understanding that Pregis’ business does not fall within the non-essential business classification nor do our field service employees qualify under the shelter-in-place provisions. 

What process will Pregis follow in the event of a positive COVID-19 case? 

While our primary focus is prevention, we are also prepared in the event of a positive COVID-19 case.  If someone within a facility or working on Pregis’ behalf tests positive, we will immediately coordinate with local authorities, medical resources and activate the following protocols:

  • Initiate notification process: Employees and suppliers that have been in the facility or customers that have come in close proximity with the employees will be informed of the date of potential contact.
  • Implement cleaning protocols: The facility will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in accordance with state & local recommendations using CDC guidelines to eliminate all traces of the virus.
  • Reopening: Anyone entering the facility will be subject to temperature screening for a period of 14 days.

Our teams are working with an abundance of caution to keep everyone as safe as possible.  



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