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The POWER PAK'R is ideal for centralized, high volume packing environments and "into the box" packing. The POWER PAK'R also offers optimal integration possibilities, without compromising on flexibility and ease of use.

Product Details

This compact, user-friendly hybrid cushioning system offers a variety of cushion patterns and sizes that will protect your products and enhance your customer experience.


  • The POWER PAK'R machine can be used for single pack stations, or multi-stations. In addition, the machine can run a number of different film configurations.
  • With Pregis' modular design options, you can add functionality with Pre-Tear, Sheeter, and Optical Sensors.

High Yield: Runs at 120 linear feet per minute

Easy to Operate: With Pregis' unique RFID, radio-frequency identification technology, POWER PAK'R automatically adjusts film settings to provide less downtime.

Outstanding Reliability: PRO PAK'R air cushion system is designed for industrial use 24/7

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