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PolyPlank® LAM

laminated engineered plank


PolyPlank closed-cell polyethylene plank foam is easy to fabricate, is both resilient and non-abrasive. PolyPlank PE foam provides excellent shock and vibration foam packaging protection during product transport.  PolyPlank foam is also water resistant and has good flotation plank foam properties for recreational and sporting applications as well as good insulation foam packaging properties where required.

To meet varying needs, PolyPlank foam packaging  is available in PolyPlank EXT extruded plank, PolyPlank LAM laminated plank and PolyPlank MDL dual laminated plank.
PolyPlank LAM foam packaging is made from layers of extruded polyethylene foam laminated together. This provides maximum cushioning with the added benefit of economical price. PolyPlank LAM foam is a flat, non-dusting and non-abrasive plank. 
  • Unique closed-cell plank foam construction provides superior protection against shock and vibration.
  • Foam plank sheets are available up to 48-inches wid.
  • Plank foam thicknesses ranging from 1/2- to 3-inches.
  • Manufactured in 1.2-  or 1.7 pcf densities, with a 6 pcf density top skin.
  • Custom plank foam lengths and thicknesses are available.


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