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self-seal bubble bags

Pregis' Bubble-Out™ bags provide cushioned bubble bags at the point-of-use for increased productivity — and increased savings. The bubble pouch is a packaging option that is mess free, fits any space, and doesn't add weight or shipping costs.

Unlike traditional loose fill or wrapping, the Pregis' Bubble-Out product consists of a transparent bubble pouch made of high quality 3/16" Astro-Cell air cushioning. The easy peel and seal closure makes using these bubble bags fast and efficient, eliminating the need to tape and saving material and labor costs.

Product inserts and fits easily in the bubble pouch, and the transparency offers instant product identification. The reusable bubble bags are made of the same high quality material as other Pregis products, making them strong while remaining a lightweight, space saving solution to all of your packaging needs.


  • Bubble bags make loading items more efficient than loose fill or wrapping.
  • Self-seal closure eliminates taping saving materials and labor.  
  • 3/16" Astro-Cell air cushioning provides superior cushioning.
  • Transparency provides easy product identification.
  • Product inserts easily into bubble pouch
  • Peel and seal closure
  • Bubble bags are ready to pack

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