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AirSpeed & GeoSpeed

Packaging Systems

Now with new AirSpeed and GeoSpeed packaging conversion machines added to our extensive protective packaging portfolio. Pregis can offer the most comprehensive range of protective packaging innovation and solutions to meet your requirements. The Pregis range of paper and plastic packaging dispensing machines can be used for a variety of void fill and cushioning applications. 

Pregis will evaluate your requirements based on space, usage and required levels of protection and will recommend the right system for the job. Our engineers install and fully maintain the equipment. Pregis provide full operator training on how to use the equipment to its maximum potential and all systems are available for trial.

See AirSpeed 6000 virtual demo www.airspeed6000.

AirSpeed HC Versa
hybrid air cushioning system

Pregis puts the Versa in versatility with this new hybrid air cushioning system.  Multiple cushion heights & widths, film options and equipment flexibility combine to perform virtually any protective packaging function.

AirSpeed HC
Hybrid Cushioning System

The unique, on-demand hybrid cushioning material is ideal for top, sides, and bottom void fill, cushioning, block and brace, wrapping and packing and light duty cushioning.


AirSpeed 9000
Air-Paq Engineered Inflatables

The unique design keeps adjoining air tubes securely inflated to cushion and protect lightweight products.  The tubes are connnected via a series of patented one-way valves - if one air chamber is punctured, the others remain inflated.


AirSpeed Smart
Void Fill System

Our new lightweight system offers portability, durability, and functionality.  This convenient and cost-effective machine creates inflatable cushions on-demand for compact or lower demand packaging operations.


AirSpeed AutoFlow
Automatic Dispenser

Accelerates AirSpeed 6000 and Smart inflatable cushions into the box and separates the pillows automatically.  The AutoFlow eliminates the need for an operator to tear perforations manually.


AirSpeed 6000
Inflatable System

Chains of air cushions are created using ambient air, eliminating the need for an external air supply making the unit truly portable. The AirSpeed™ 6000 operates faster than its predecessors enabling it to keep up with high-demand packaging situations. Void-fill is created on-demand minimising inventory space requirements.


AirSpeed 3000
Adjustable Void Fill System

This machine converts compact rolls of tubular, heavy duty film into continuous chains of air-filled cushions of varying sizes.


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